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Is an innovative in enhanced diligence, comprehensive searching, supplier vetting & background screening solutions

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MyProfile specializes in credentials verification company that concentrate on niche market of qualification, professional, identity, criminal records, credit records, drivers-license, deeds search, lifestyle assessment, vehicle valuations and history, competency assessments, vendor vetting and Africa verifications. We are 100% black owned, managed and level 1 BEE contributor.

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Mitigating Risk
  • Majority of fraudulent activity occurs internally
  • Identify and monitor
  • Employee and supplier risks
  • Conflict of interest
  • Tender collusion
  • Entity status
  • Doing business with Government employees
  • Verify business partners
  • Understand property and company associations
  • Understand individual’s or company’s credit history
  • Identify common interests
  • Trace individuals
  • In depth investigative solution
  • Assistance with local and global legislative compliance
  • UK Bribery Act
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • PFMA
  • FICA
  • Political exposure of business partners
Reducing Costs
  • Employ the right candidate
  • Reduce staff turnover by:
    verifying credentials;
    Assisting you in making informed decisions
  • Online workflow solutions
  • Providing ongoing monitoring,
    dramatically reducing effort and man-hours
  • Single platform to obtain comprehensive public record information on a pay- per-search basis allowing you to control your own spend
  • Leader in content with most extensive African data
  • Covering more than 44 000 sources
  • News
  • Global company info
  • Biographical
  • Sanctions
  • Political exposed persons
Simplifying Processes
  • Electronic online solution
  • User friendly interface
  • Document and certificate
  • Upload/storage
  • Integrates with any internal systems
  • Batch upload with swift response times
  • Ensure up to date supplier information
  • Ensure BBB-EE compliance by:
    validating & obtaining the latest certificate
  • Minimum human effort
  • Continuous and ongoing monitoring
  • Online solution
  • Access to a comprehensive list of public record information
  • Access Electronic Deeds Office Documents
  • Access 24/7 across all platforms
  • Content leader - most extensive
  • African data
  • Covering more than 44 000 sources
  • News
  • Global company info
  • Biographical
  • Sanctions
  • Political exposed persons



Standard Checks


Criminal Checks
Matric Qualification Verification
Credit Checks
Tertiary Qualification Verification
D Verification
and Validation
Drivers License Checks

Other Checks


Fraud Listing
Director Member Confirmation
Global Qualification Verification
African Qualification Verification
Professional Association Membership
Bank Verification Checks
Professional Drivers Permit
Permanent Residency
Employment History
Consumer Goods Council
Business Background Checks
Work Permits
Social Media
Asylum Permit
FAIS Comprehensive Checks
Fit and Proper Checks



Monthly accounting
Financial statements
Independent review



Company taxation
Indirect tax - VAT
Employee tax - PAYE, UIF SDL
Individual tax

Estate planning


Administration of deceased estate

Secretariat services


Company registration
Company Annual returns
Amending company records
Business advisory

Pricing structure

Illicit Activity Check R128.00 R0 R128.00
Illicit Activity Check - Premium R223.00 R0 R223.00
Manual 91A Form R369.00 R0 R369.00
Manual 91A Form - Premium R388.00 R0 R388.00
TransUnion(Individual) R64.00 R0 R64.00
Experian(Individual) R64.00 R0 R64.00
XDS (Individual) R64.00 R0 R64.00
Matric (South Africa – Dep of Education) Pre 1992 R198.00 R0 R198.00
Matric (South Africa - Umalusi) Post 1992 R148.00 R0 R148.00
Umalusi Other R148.00 R0 R148.00
N Level Qualifications R130.00 R0 R130.00
Academic Qualification (South Africa) 2 R129.00 R0 R129.00
Academic Qualification (South Africa – QVS) R160.00 R0 R160.00
Academic Qualification (Sub-Saharan Africa) 3 R359.00 R0 R359.00
Academic Qualifications (Global) 3 R551.00 R0 R551.00
Employment History (South Africa) R88.00 R0 R88.00
Employment History Character Reference (SA) R173.00 R0 R173.00
Employment History (Africa, Excl SA) R453.00 R0 R453.00
Employment History (Global) R453.00 R0 R453.00
ID Verification and Validation R34.00 R0 R34.00
ID Verification and Fraud Listing R99.00 R0 R99.00
Drivers License R119.00 R0 R119.00
Professional Driving Permit(PrDP) R123.00 R0 R123.00
Social Media Check – Standard Report R426.00 R0 R426.00
Social Media Check – Full Report R475.00 R0 R475.00
Fit & Proper Screening R34.00 R0 R34.00
FAIS Comprehensive R53.00 R0 R53.00
Bank Verification R42.00 R0 R42.00
Consumer Good Council (CGC) R56.00 R0 R56.00
Citizenship R208.00 R0 R208.00
Permanent Residency R125. R0 R125.00
Work Permit R163.00 R0 R163.00
Asylum Permit R163.00 R0 R163.00
Professional Association Membership (South Africa) R60.00 R0 R60.00
Professional Association Membership (Africa Excl. SA) R610.00 R0 R610.00
Professional Association Membership (Global) R R R610.00
Business Background Check R610.00 R0 R333.00
Director/Member R56.00 R0 R56.00

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SACE applications needs a Police Clearance Certificate to be submit when you register at the South African Counsel of Educators. Although MyProfile’s Criminal clearance is not an official Police clearance certificate, SACE do except our clearance!


MyProfile is a service provider of AFISwitch who is in agreement with SACE to accept our Criminal Clearance Certificates.

Simply contact one of our agents to make your appointment. Walk in centers and call out services are available depending on your area. Your fingerprints will be captured with our bio-metric scanners and your result will be available between 90 minutes or 48 hours, depending on the option you choose.

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45 8th Ave, Lambton, Germiston, 1401

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